We're not your average real estate company. What sets us apart are the same things that allow us to exceed our clients' expectations:

  • Real estate brokerage & asset management services
  • The ability to identify, connect, and manage all necessary project resources
  • Both on-site and fiscal management services
  • A hands-on, dependable and motivated team
  • Over four decades of experience and success with commercial as well as investment properties
  • A truly results-driven approach 

With a legacy rooted in the past and an innovative blend of services designed to anticipate the future, we don't just help our clients complete deals, we help them realize their investment dreams.


Experience the Murray difference today: (630) 513-0173

Working with Murray has been very easy. They care about their tenants, and they care about what’s going on in their buildings.
— Rob Klinkey, Klinkey Heating & Sheet Metal / Vendor